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Almost every day brings death and violence adding more names to the 61000 who have died in this conflict in the past 13

Posted on 15 October 2010

Almost every day brings death and violence, adding more names to the 61,000 who have died in this conflict in the past 13 years.On Saturday, 12 people were killed, including six soldiers and several children, when a bus hit a land-mine. And only two months ago, 30 people were killed in the western state of Gujarat when armed militants burst into a temple in Gandhinagar.Yesterday’s events – which some reports last night said claimed as many as a dozen lives – is evidence of a situation that has been steadily deteriorating in recent days in the Himalayan state. The Star News service in India said that there were two militants. The first of the attackers was killed – his bloodied corpse was pictured on film – while the other was holed up in a smaller temple a few hundred yards away, where a separate siege continued into the early hours This ended when he, too, was killed. They then burst into the 150-year-old Raghunath temple complex, sending some worshippers fleeing in panic and trapping others.A stand-off of several hours ensued, in which the attackers and the surrounding Indian security forces traded fire.

The attack by rebels had dashed hopes that bloodshed would ease after the election of a new state government.
The men, believed to be from radical Islamist separatist groups, struck shortly after dark by hurling grenades around a market place in Jammu, the state’s winter capital. At least 12 people were killed and 50 injured yesterday after troops ended a siege of a Hindu temple by Islamists in Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. Indonesian police said Mr Samudra and several alleged accomplices rented the houses near the city of Solo in Central Java province – two miles from the Ngruki Islamic school founded by Abu Bakar Bashir, believed to be the leader of the Jamaah Islamiya terrorist group accused of having links with al-Qa’ida.A neighbour said Mr Samudra rented the house for three months but left three days before the Bali bombings.. A haul of militant Islamic propaganda, including a video of Osama bin Laden’s speeches, and bomb-making equipment, has been uncovered at three houses formerly rented by men accused of organising last month’s Bali bombings.
The properties were raided after the arrest last Thursday of Imam Samudra, who investigators say has admitted organising the attack on the Indonesian island that killed more than 180 people on 12 October. “We reject the one-party system and we want to promote dialogue and reconciliation in Iraq,” he said.. He fled Iraq in 1976 and two of his brothers were executed by the regime.

“Even my 70-year-old mother was imprisoned,” he said.But he added that his party supported Iraq’s right to defend the country against the American threat. Abdel Jabbar al-Qobeissi, who had been in exile in Paris, said the assurances were given by the Vice-President, Izzat Ibrahim. The opposition would help draft the new constitution, he said.Mr Qobeissi, head of the National Iraqi Coalition, has criticised the Iraqi National Congress, another opposition group, for its alleged links with US and British intelligence. The letter said: “There is premeditation to target Iraq, whatever the pretext … Because it considers the giving of inaccurate statements – taking into consideration that there are thousands of pages to be presented in those statements – is a material breach, this provides pretexts to be used in aggressive acts against Iraq.”None the less, Iraq has accepted the resolution and the first inspection by Unmovic (the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission) and the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) will be on Wednesday.Last Monday, the UN’s chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, returned to Iraq after an absence of almost four years, with 30 UN personnel. Across Jerusalem, in the mixed Arab-Jewish neighbourhood of Abu Tor, vandals slashed the tyres of 14 cars owned by Palestinians.. A team of 18 UN inspectors arrives in Iraq today to begin the crucial first round of new checks on Iraqi weapons sites.

Police arrested three Jewish suspects.Other youths pelted an Arab car and attacked two female Arab students at the Hebrew University who were returning to their dormitory. Such reprisals have been surprisingly limited inside Israel after previous atrocities.On Saturday night, dozens of Jewish youths stormed an Arab-owned bakery near the site of the bombing and caused heavy damage Others had earlier tossed a firebomb into the building The two owners, who were on the premises, escaped unhurt. Mr Hook is the first foreign UN official to be killed since the Palestinian intifada broke out 26 months ago.Elsewhere on the West Bank, Israeli troops yesterday barred worshippers from attending services in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Israel blames Mr Wahash for plotting many bombings, including a suicide attack on a bus that killed 14 Israelis last month.

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