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Anyway I am not really into hitting the batsman I am more

Posted on 27 August 2010

Anyway, I am not really into hitting the batsman, I am more into getting him out.”He is not the only bowler in the side either. Wasim Akram is still there, just as hungry, just as effective as he has always been Then there is Mohammad Sami. There has been a lot of excitement over the young fast bowler and Waqar hinted that he has a very good chance of making the side.”Sami is probably not the quickest, that is still Shoaib when he is fit,” explains Waqar “He is a rhythm bowler. And if he gets it right, and if he gets his line right, then he can be dangerous He can be very dangerous He is quite sharp.

He swings the ball early on, inswingers more than outswingers.”At the moment he is a bit too young to have proper control. But if you want to play at this level you have to have control over your bowling You have to be pitching it there or thereabouts You cannot really afford not to be doing that. And that is what I have been talking to Sami about, that he should get the ball there, right up to the blockhole, that is where you need to be bowling over here.”He needs more wickets to give him more confidence. A few wickets will do his confidence the world of good, but he has the potential to become a great swing bowler. What he actually needs as much as anything else is to strengthen up He is a little skinny at the moment. He just needs to put on a little muscle.”If Sami gets an offer from a county I would recommend him to accept it I think he should play county cricket for a couple of years You learn a lot by doing that.”Waqar speaks from experience.

He feels he learned a great deal from England’s coach Duncan Fletcher, when the Zimbabwean was in charge at Glamorgan four years ago “I worked under Duncan when I was at Glamorgan,” he recalls “We won the Championship that season.”He is a very good man A good coach He knows what to do, how to talk, who to talk to and when Fletcher is not like other coaches He is a quiet guy Undemonstrative. In the evening he will sit down with players individually and say: ‘OK, this was right, that was wrong, but what do you think?’ He allows you to talk it over. It is a mark of the quality of the man.”He is technically very good. I learned a lot from him while I was at Glamorgan, although less probably about the bowling side, but more about basic man-management His strength is that he treats people as individuals. He never tries to deal with anything on a team basis, he talks it over with individuals And he will not tell anyone off in public. That happens in private.”Little wonder then that Waqar sees a change in the England side “They look a good side They look a positive side When they came over to Pakistan I saw the difference They wanted to win They looked like a team that wants to win.

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