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From the end of June that’s when I’m beginning to look good

Posted on 26 July 2010

From the end of June, that’s when I’m beginning to look good.”Bearing in mind that Britain will have himself, Black and Dave Grindley all in action this summer, Ladejo is justified in saying: “I think my event is going to be the hottest of any in Britain this season, provided we all stay clear of injuries. It takes three or four races of harsh competition before you get fired up. I want to be ready for the European Cup in Lille later this month but the real target is the world championships. This winter I’ve been able to do more weight conditioning so I’m a lot stronger from head to toe, and a lot faster.”Obviously none of us wants to do our fine tuning too early.

I wasn’t fired up in my first couple of races – I treated them like training sessions. We knew it would take a couple of years to get used to each other Before I hadn’t been doing proper 400m training. We have a four-year plan and whatever we pick up along the way is a bonus. “Once my coach, Tony Hadley, came over, I had my most successful training ever. But he has returned from his training in California even more confident than usual. But we must not allow the negative side of our sport to dominate us I’m glad we are looking hard at our sport.

I wish we had the sophisticated technology to allow us to define 100 per cent what’s going on, but it’s not an ideal world.”Ladejo, educated in the United States, where he could have taken up a career in American football, is never one to underestimate his own ability. “It’s not something you can ignore, but you can’t let it dominate you You can’t let it distract you. I hope justice is done at the appeal.”Only a few people know exactly what happened – Diane Modahl and perhaps a couple of others She knows whether she took drugs If she did she should pay, if not she shouldn’t. “Other sports have just as many problems, probably more, but they don’t look into every nook and cranny to find them.” He confessed that all this winter he had the Modahl affair in the back of his mind.

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