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He has maintained his innocence saying he was teaching the girls English at his

Posted on 02 September 2010

He has maintained his innocence, saying he was teaching the girls English at his home and considered them “like his grandchildren.” He has admitted to police that the 11-year-old girl slept in his room because she was afraid of ghosts, but denied committing any lewd acts, his attorney Le Thanh Kinh said. Glitter said he was a victim of a conspiracy by the media, witnesses and the victims, Kinh told reporters outside the courthouse. He accused British tabloids such as The Sun and The News of the World of “damaging his reputation,” and claimed “the evidence relating to his case looked like evidence from the newspapers,” Kinh said yesterday. “There was no defence allowed!” he screamed to reporters as he left the courthouse. “I didn’t do anything!” he said and yelled an obscenity at journalists before he was put in a military green police truck and driven away.

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, was accused of kissing, fondling, and “engaging in other physical acts” with the girls at his rented villa in the seaside city of Vung Tau, about 80 miles southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Standing before the judge today at the People’s Supreme Court of Appeals in Ho Chi Minh City, Glitter clasped his hands behind him and shook his head several times as he listened to a court translator during the 40-minute verdict. An appeals court in Vietnam on today upheld the conviction and three-year prison sentence of rocker Gary Glitter for molesting young girls at a seaside villa. The court “rejects the appeal of the accused and sentences him to three years in prison for obscene acts with children,” said Truong Vinh Thuy, one of three judges hearing Glitter’s appeal.
The 62-year-old singer – famed in the 1970s as an outrageous act decked out in bouffant wigs and sequin jumpsuits – had been found guilty by a court on March 3 for committing obscene acts with girls ages 10 and 11. Its report was also critical of international “strategies to dislodge Hamas”, declaring that a “more nuanced approach” was required to encourage Hamas to adopt more pragmatic policies”.. Some of the protesters climbed on top of the parliament members’ desks and threw paper and water bottles, prompting several Hamas members to leave as the crowd grew angrier.The International Crisis Group warned that Palestinians were “inching towards civil war” and that relations between Israel and the Palestinians were “heading for a catastrophic breakdown”. Hamas officials said Preventive Security members in Mr Kullab’s car fired first.Security sources said Mr Kullab was wounded in both legs and was in a moderate to serious condition.In Ramallah there were angry scenes when about 1,000 government workers protested outside the parliament building at the non-payment of their wages.

Mr Abbas believed the solution was political and that Hamas should sign up to his presidential programme of seeking a two-state solution.Meanwhile, a Hamas gunman was shot dead after he and other masked militants exchanged fire with passengers travelling in a car with Refat Kullab, head of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Preventive Security Service in the Gaza town of Khan Younis. Dr Zahar has also recently visited China, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.Walid Awad, of Mr Abbas’s office, said that the move by Dr Zahar had put Mr Abbas in a “dilemma”. On the one hand he was unhappy at the move, which he saw as an “amateurish” way of increasing revenue. On the other he could not be seen as objecting to the import of cash to alleviate the increasing poverty of Palestinians as a result of the international boycott. Security officials answerable to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, took control of the suitcases, but Mr Abbas confirmed yesterday that the money would be turned over intact to the Finance Ministry, which is also controlled by Hamas.
Dr Zahar, who has been on an international fundraising tour, openly told the security staff that he was carrying a large sum of money through the crossing which is operated by presidential forces and monitored by the EU.Julio de la Guardia, a spokesman for the EU monitoring mission, said that while Dr Zahar’s bags were X-rayed at the border as part of the normal security screening process, the bags were not opened because as a minister, Dr Zahar has a “VIP 1″ status, the highest classification for dignitaries passing through the international border.Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council are classed as VIP 2 and ministry director generals and officials of equivalent rank as “VIP 3″.Mr De La Guardia said he could not say exactly how much money was brought in, though he said that the monitoring mission had been expecting Dr Zahar to be carrying cash after a tour which has taken him to Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. “I’m very confident this is the morally right thing to do, to take a principled stand in solidarity with the farmers,” Hannah said moments before her arrest.. Mahmoud Zahar, the Palestinian Foreign Minister, evaded the international boycott on Hamas by bringing up to $20m (£11m) in a several suitcases into Gaza through the border crossing with Egypt at Rafah.

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