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Hiroshima for Lepage therefore becomes the key reincarnation of an idea that governs the structure and content of Seven Streams that seeming opposites -

Posted on 19 July 2010

Hiroshima, for Lepage, therefore, becomes the key reincarnation of an idea that governs the structure and content of Seven Streams; that seeming opposites – male / female, yin / yang, life / death, tragedy / comedy – are reflections of the same underlying reality.
You quickly feel that, if this is the case, the same must be true of ultimate profundity and total vacuousness. The work begins and ends in Hiroshima, a city which Lepage, on his first visit, was surprised to discover is now a place of sensuous vitality rather than of emblematic devastation. For example, the two bridges that the Japanese built across the river Ota after the bombing are shaped like a penis and vagina – the reproductive organs necessary for renewal. Directed by the Quebecois wunderkind Robert Lepage, and “conceived” by a team that includes himself and his nine performers, this seven-and-a-half hour epic spans three continents and 52 years in its attempt to tease the paradoxes of destruction and regeneration on a planet shadowed by the Holocaust, the atom bomb and Aids A single-issue piece it is not

Paradox is very much the name of the game.

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