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I know this about Kate from the same sources as I know quite a

Posted on 02 August 2010

I know this about Kate from the same sources as I know quite a lot of other intimate details about her, for she is a much-interviewed supermodel and her life is constantly reported in the media.
Despite her wealth and her dazzling career, she agreed to be photographed with no clothes on for a magazine that is supposed to be about fashion. She has inverted nipples, and it is this fact that has prompted the fashion world to wonder why she has exposed herself. KATE IS 25 years old and she is from Croydon. She appears naked in a photograph taken by Nick Knight for Vogue this month. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and these black-and- white pictures of her are indeed beautiful. As the world’s largest public service programme-maker, we have the chance to push forward, and cross, ever more challenging creative boundaries.. We are investing in it and exploiting it to bring new services to our licence fee payers.It will enhance our editorial strength and simultaneously improve our value for money.

In any one showing, the website regularly attracts 30,000 page impressions, with the team receiving well over 2,000 e-mails.So, to conclude, the BBC is in a strong position to harness the digital revolution. And it’s proving to be phenomenally appealing to our younger viewers and users. I say “concept” , because Sub Zero was deliberately designed as half website, half television programme. We’ve long been familiar with programmes featuring audience letters, with phone-ins and, most recently, with audience polls.Last month, the BBC launched a new interactive concept for children. That means we can harness the value of the BBC’s unrivalled archive.

In Bristol, we can already see the benefits of this with the BBC’s WildVision unit which “re-versions” and sells the BBC’s natural history material around the world.My second point this morning is to show you how technology is helping us interact with our audiences, allowing us – almost literally – to provide something for everyone Interactivity is not a new concept in broadcasting. The system allows us for the first time to have instant access to a whole range of cheaply and accurately archived material. That means all sorts of savings.Once the filming is complete, you bring your material back to the office, load it into your PC and start assembling the programme – all without leaving your desk.You can see the potential for this system radically to alter the way producers work – freeing them to spend more time being creative and less frustrated time traipsing between edit suites and research libraries.But there is another vital way in which this technology will bring benefits. You saw that as I was coming up to speak, Mark was taking your picture. Now we have that material, the Workbench can start animating the shots for us.

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