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If the trend continues one in five people will be obese by the year 2020

Posted on 10 October 2010

If the trend continues, one in five people will be obese by the year 2020, a proportion similar to that forecast in the United States.The influence of fast food, not just its contents but its tendency to dissolve traditional mealtimes and encourage constant snacking, is blamed for the change in the shape of French people. The difference is that, until 10 years ago, France’s relatively healthy eating habits made them much less prone to obesity than other Western countries.
A study this week confirms the findings of two previous reports that suggest this is another exception fran?se being eroded by cultural influences from abroad.The average French adult has gained two pounds or so in the past three years and almost four pounds since 1997, an obesity survey by the Sofres opinion polling organisation shows.That may not sound disastrous but the survey reckons there are now 5,300,000 obese people in France, almost one in 10 of the population. So is the rest of the developed (or in this case over-developed) world. The French are getting fatter.

Scotland Yard estimates that last year criminals made £61m from 15 people-smuggling operations that police detected.. Some threaten to tell their families they are prostitutes.Over the past decade, violent Albanian criminals have taken control of 75 per cent of prostitution in Soho. In Britain, traffickers strip victims of all documents so they cannot work elsewhere. “In some instances, women have been killed and their bodies dumped in public places as an example,” NCIS adds. “In some rural areas of the Balkans, the fear of kidnap is such that families keep adolescent girls at home rather than send them to school or work.”Traffickers use extreme violence, including rape, to control victims. Even the women who knowingly get involved in vice are told they will be able to keep their profits.Women from countries in the former Soviet Union and Balkan regions are increasingly the victims of kidnap by the traffickers, NCIS says.

Others work as cheap labour in illicit sweatshops producing counterfeit goods or are brought in by Chinese “snakehead” gangs to work in restaurants.Most of those who end up in the vice industry are victims of “some form of deception, and exploit the lack of opportunities open to women in source countries”, the NCIS says in its assessment of serious and organised crime.Traffickers advertise in local newspapers abroad offering jobs as maids, nannies, bar and catering staff, receptionists, clerical staff, dancers and entertainers. He was sentenced last December to 10 years in prison.The plight of the Romanian teenager is an example of the growing power of Albanian pimps in London and of the booming sex trade involving girls and women from eastern Europe smuggled to the West. Kadiu was arrested and convicted of raping her, indecently assaulting her and of living off immoral earnings. Xenova’s shares climbed as much as 17 per cent before eventually closing down 0.25p at 14.5p.It said phase two trials of the drug, codenamed TA-CD, showed that of 16 patients who took it over the course of a year, 14 reported it had the effect of reducing their enjoyment from taking cocaine.Patients also stuck with it for longer than expected, with 12 of the group remaining on it for a year, compared with a more usual drop-out rate of about 75 per cent of addicts in similar trials.If TA-CD succeeds, it will be the first drug on the market available to combat an addiction to cocaine and it will also transform the fortunes of Xenova. He plans to return to the retail sector, and is setting his sights on running a larger company next time “I don’t have any plans as yet,” he said.

Tim Waterstone, the entrepreneur behind the book chain and the children’s retailer Daisy & Tom, is thought to have been interested in the toy store.Mr Burke assured investors that he and the board would look at another offer should one come forward which beat the Baugur deal.The Baugur bidding group, named Soldier, yesterday said it already had indicative acceptances from 40.9 per cent of Hamleys’ shareholders.Mr Burke will get a £1.2m golden goodbye if shareholders agree to the takeover. A hardline speech by Mr Sharon to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, on Monday – in which he said a truce from Hamas would not be enough, demanded that Palestinian security forces crack down on the group, and said there would be no peace process as long as there was violence by the militants – has left the road-map looking in more trouble than ever.The aim of General Powell’s visit will be to get both sides moving on the road-map again. Mr Dichter met Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s National Security Adviser, and was also expected to hold talks with George Tenet, the CIA director.The two weeks since the Aqaba summit have seen Mr Bush’s achievement overshadowed by tit-for-tat violence between Israel and Hamas. But a spokesman for the UN Sierra Leone war crimes court said Mr Taylor would have to face justice.Mr Taylor has been President since 1997 when he won elections after emerging as the strongest warlord after a seven-year civil war. Charles Taylor could step down as Liberian President under a truce paving the way for a transitional government and bringing peace to the West African country of which rebels control two-thirds.
The ceasefire was struck yesterday by Liberian government and rebel negotiators in neighbouring Ghana, which has been badly hit by the past three years of almost continuous fighting in Liberia. Two other family members, a child and grandfather, were slightly wounded.The military imposed a curfew on Qalqiliya and searched for the gunmen.Until the highway ambush, however, there had been four days of relative calm.Before the shooting, the outline of a truce deal was taking shape in the intensive talks in Gaza, but there was no guarantee that either the militants or Israel would agree to the elements.Sources close to the talks said a key plank would be an Israeli pledge to stop targeting militant leaders for killing. lacked some of the key tools for an effective law enforcement mission.”.

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