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If you can’t wait until then how about taking an older 575

Posted on 04 September 2010

If you can’t wait until then, how about taking an older 575 off your dealer’s hands?
What’s good about it? A front-engined V12 Ferrari is the core product for the mature buyer who doesn’t want earache or a slipped disc. Remember: being depressed can add up to four years to your perceived age.. When’s it going?

An all-new 599, launched at the Detroit motor show last month, will come to Europe for the Geneva Show in March before going on sale later in the year. Foundation should be lighter than you’d imagine, and sheerer, and if you want to cover grey, don’t be tempted to go for a too-dark hair colour or block colour – highlights are kind.Gustafson recommends applying moisturiser to the neck, down to the bust, but also around the back of the neck: “It’s the only bit of skin attached to a bone so it’s important you look after it to avoid sagging.”Finally, whatever you do, don’t worry too much about any of this. “In women the skin around the eyes is the first to go, in men it’s the hands.”Gustafson – who independently tests every range on the market himself – advises a good routine should start early because maintenance is much easier than repair.Your skin also becomes more transparent as you get older, so you need to adapt your make-up and hair colour accordingly.

The problem is not that products don’t work, according to independent skincare and makeup advisor John Gustafson, but starting too late, and then not spending enough money. “A lot of people skip good skincare until they think they need it, and by then it’s actually too late,” he says. It’s a promise many are seduced by, but many end up disappointed. With ageing there’s a reduction in frequency, duration and intensity of habitual activity: we generally move less.

So these type II fibres deteriorate because they simply don’t get enough stimuli.”SKINCARE Almost every skin cream promises to make you look younger. Generally type I muscle fibres deal with aerobic activities and type II with anaerobic ones. The type IIs respond to resistance work to improve muscle tone. Personal trainer Donovan Blake explains: “Exercise can help reduce the effects of ageing by slowing down the decline of type II muscle fibres. We can help support the adrenal and thyroid glands, which take a hammering when we’re stressed, by eating plenty of fresh vitamin C and magnesium for the adrenal glands; and iodine, selenium zinc and B vitamins to support the thyroid.EXERCISEWe’ve come to think of exercise as a pure slimming pursuit and women tend to be rather scared of lifting weights, but building lean tissue through weight-bearing exercise is key to keeping the years at bay. One of the worst things you can do in terms of looking old is to go on a low-fat diet.Stress is another big one for adding years.

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