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Ignore her if she says she isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day if she doesn’t believe in it thinks it’s

Posted on 11 August 2010

Ignore her if she says she isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day, if she doesn’t believe in it, thinks it’s immoral, or materialistic. Nod sagely whilst waving your Visa card at the nearest florist. He understood that although rationally I knew the whole red foil-wrapped, indulgent, sickly sweet day was just one huge marketing exercise, my girly side would still be expecting flowers or undies or something more delicious.But Valentine’s Day came and slowly slipped away and by five o’clock I was the only woman in the world without a bunch of sodding flowers. The whole business was cliched and I was far too cool to be interested.But he would know, of course, that I didn’t mean it. This was my first Valentine’s Day with my New Bloke, supposedly a chance for a really romantic gesture.New Bloke, however, had made clear his aversion to Valentine’s Day.

And I, being desperate to appear as cool, as unconventional, as unpersuaded by the glut of the pink and fluffy as he was, expressed complete disinterest in the whole thing Valentine, schmalentine, I scoffed No hearts and flowers for me. My friend Sara had something equally glamorous delivered to her office, and although I wasn’t there I can imagine how she felt, basking in the glorious feeling of being truly adored.While she cooed over her bouquet d’amour, my vases stood empty, my mantelpiece a card-free zone But this is not the sad sorrowing of a singleton Quite the opposite. That way, we can have the best of both worlds.”Last Valentine’s Day drew a big zero in the end of the flat I shared with Katie. She got the most beautiful bunch of claret-coloured flowers, wrapped in brown paper, tied up with raffia in a huge bow. Life is very different now but hopefully we can take some of the best aspects of college and fit them into our new life.

The fact we understand each other’s job means we can share problems. I want to get to know the people he works with and vice versa,” she says, “so that hopefully we can get a crowd of friends like we had at college.”I’m not trying to re-create the experience,” she says “College was brilliant but it’s a very particular time. The key to succeeding is, as always, to talk – to be honest about what is wanted from the future and how to compromise to ensure that both people are happy.”Claire is determined that she and Jason will survive the change. “I have recently moved to London and I think things are made easier by the fact that we both work in the City. It is perfectly possible for a college relationship to succeed in the real world, but couples have to be aware that there will constantly be new choices and opportunities. “In many ways, college is a very regimented environment – everyone lives in the same way and there are few outside pressures. “I didn’t like the people that worked in TV and David was becoming one of them What was worse was that he loved the whole set-up.

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