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Instead it will work with a British firm to develop a more environmentally benign alternative

Posted on 14 August 2010

Instead it will work with a British firm to develop a more environmentally benign alternative.
The alternative, which will use carbon dioxide already being released to the atmosphere as waste, is expected to be in the shops next year, if it passes stringent environmental tests.The abrupt change of plan has been welcomed by both the Environment minister, Michael Meacher, and WWF-UK, the British arm of the World Wide Fund for Nature, which led the campaign against the threat.The self-chilling can has long been “the Holy Grail” of drinks manufacturers, avoiding the need for ice or refrigeration and offering instant refreshment in even the hottest conditions.The Joseph Company of California perfected a can that would cool drinks by 30F in less than two minutes, when a button on its base was pressed. The breakthrough has been achieved by a rare combination of prompt government action, constructive campaigning by a green pressure group, and willingness by industry to adapt products to avoid environmental disaster. Last week the American firm behind a revolutionary can – which automatically chills lukewarm drinks at the touch of a button – announced it would “abandon” worldwide plans to use a gas that would hasten global warming. Even at the dumbest level of looking up at the night sky.”For Dodge, the new British edition of Fup is the best yet Aren’t the pictures great?” the author says “They are almost exactly what I imagined Horse is the only illustrator who has come so close.”. A Serious new danger to the world’s climate has been averted as a result of an expose in the Independent on Sunday. It’s the kind of gossip that comes out of America’s mania for elevating people to the status of celebrity.”Dodge says he does not deliberately avoid contact with his public, it is just that he lives at the end of a 15-mile dirt track. “If people make it out here, I talk to them.”He says the popularity of his strange yarn has surprised him.

“I had the idea when I was out digging postholes for a fence,” he says. “It is not a connect-the-dots book, but I guess it is about the trauma of being bereft in the world and about where you find your consolation.”I think in the end you find it through human beings who are willing to make contact with you and through the natural world The natural world has always been a huge consolation to me. As men with shades and suncream-warpaint that wouldn’t look out of place on the Australian cricket-team scuttle frenetically around us, there is a genuine sense of coiled tension and pre-match nerves. She has the peculiar capacity to remind us of the romanticising privileges of an empire-building nation, and also the modest scope required of that nation post-empire.
Which is why the Austen industry is more than just a tourist trade. “In July, the Government told me 50 per cent of young women and 70 per cent of young men have used illegal drugs,” he told the Independent on Sunday yesterday. Big laminated notices warn customers not to try eating their own food on the premises. (-) Julie Burchill’s Modern Review (0)See next week for details.

The result is food, friendly and elegant, with undertones of pineapple and crisp, lemony acidity – a well-deserved International Wine Challenge white wine of the year.Red of the Week1993/4 Uno Fuera Cabernet Sauvignon, pounds 4.99, Oddbins (Bin-end). “I’ll have your best,” said Barry optimistically, in an effort to get the supercilious sommelier off his back. More likely an elegant Mosel estate white – the petrolly, honeyed 1989 Geisenheimer Mauerchen Riesling Spatlese, Schonborn from Waitrose, pounds 5.95, for instance.Despite EastEnders’ modern approach to wine, it would be failing in its job if it didn’t flex its working-class muscle on occasions. The message that one of Britain’s best-known, working class families is comfortable with a bottle of wine over a meal must have rung celebratory tills throughout Tescos and Kwik Saves, not to mention Bordeaux. Neil’s rib-eye steak fell apart succulently under his knife, and he found the lemony tang of the accompanying butter “fab, fab, fab” – he was, though, frustrated by the fussy insubstantiality of the umpteen garnishes, which included a grilled tomato that looked like something you might scrape off your windscreen.To finish, Neil was hoping to crown his meal, Simon Hopkinson-style, with Black Forest gateau, but had to settle for a fairly ordinary chocolate truffle cake. For the past couple of years, I’ve worked in London’s Docklands, in one of the office blocks that cower in the shadow of the Canary Wharf tower. Lunch usually means a windy hike to a depressing sandwich bar, or, on special occasions, a margarita-fuelled fiesta at Chillis – a gaudy Tex Mex joint in Canary Wharf itself It’s always fun to go to Canary Wharf.

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