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Joe had never seen anyone quite so

Posted on 28 August 2010

Joe had never seen anyone quite so…”Oh, come on, Verity!” she snapped. “You don’t change, do you? It’s always sex with you, isn’t it? But this time there are more urgent things! They will be back in a moment, and then…”Wordlessly she pulled him to his feet and out of the door. Moments later she had pushed him into a small sports car, and they were accelerating away from the airport building. But only as far as the distant end of the airport, the end where you always see all those little private planes. She slowed down by a red two-seater plane.In the distance she could hear the wailing of a fire engine.”Jesus, Verity, they’re after us,” she cried.

“Get in at once!”"Look,” said Joe, “May I just ask who I have the pleasure of…”But there was no time for even that pleasure. He was bundled into the plane, and then they were airborne and he could see the men with the dark glasses in the cab of the fire engine below. He waved a cheery goodbye, which was somewhat premature, as one of the men took aim with a gun, and to his horror the girl in front of him gasped and fell forward, a nasty stain on her nice blue suit. As the plane started diving out of control, he felt himself blacking out…”Excuse me?” said a voice.Joe woke up A man was leaning over him, smiling Joe had clearly nodded off. He hoped he hadn’t missed it his plane.”Mistava reetee?” said the man.Now go back to the beginning and repeat as often as you need to..
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A golf course close to the Dounreay nuclear plant may be forced to close because of the discovery of tiny radioactive particles on the sea bed at a nearby beach. A golf course close to the Dounreay nuclear plant may be forced to close because of the discovery of tiny radioactive particles on the sea bed at a nearby beach.
Monthly monitoring of the beach, in Caithness on Scotland’s north coast, has found about 16 particles since 1997.The particles are about the same size and weight as grains of sand. Geoffrey Minter, who owns the 10,000-acre Sandsite estate, which includes both the Reay Golf Course and the beach, said the particles could easily be blown on to the course.Health experts have warned that the most dangerous particles could kill or cause cancers if they are swallowed or inhaled.They could also cause blistering if they are handled.The discovery of the particles, which were on the sea bed near the plant’s outfall pipes, has already led to a fishing ban and marine exclusion zone.Mr Minter has criticised the quality of the monitoring and wants an indemnity by the end of the month against any potential legal claims made against him.If the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), which runs Dounreay, refuses to take the responsibility for legal action, Mr Minter says he will close the golf course, which runs next to the beach.He is also considering barring the monitoring staff – who check for levels of radioactivity using a vehicle-based Geiger counter – from his land unless the inspection teams are significantly increased.Mr Minter dismissed claims by Dounreay officials that particles blown from the beach would be detected during the monitoring process.”We have a duty of care to warn people,” he said. “There is certainly a hazard.”Mr Minter, who took on the estate in 1991, has brought in researchers from Manchester University, headed by chemist Dr Philip Day, to look into the UKAEA studies.Even though Dounreay officials have said that they were doing everything they could to trace the source of the particles, the researchers claim that less than 1 per cent of the radioactive grains on the beach have been found.A spokesman for UKAEA said last night that the Scottish Environment Protection Agency oversaw their work.

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