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No it’s not my scene

Posted on 06 September 2010

No, it’s not my scene.”Luckily, Lemmy is happy enough in his own company. Reading’s the only thing that allows you to use your imagination. When he’s not touring he collects Nazi memorabilia (his prized possession is a Luftwaffe sword worth $12,000), watches the Discovery Channel and reads copiously At the moment he’s re-reading a Len Deighton trilogy “There are a lot of good books around People don’t read any more It’s a sad state of affairs. Kids are generally rotten until the age of about six, when they become people. I never met him so I don’t miss him.”Haven’t you ever yearned for family life, Lemmy? “Fuck no,” he exclaims “I went out with a couple of girls with young babies. I can give a baby a bottle with one hand and roll a joint with the other, but I never wanted any of that Changing nappies is horrible.

She said he put his head in his hands when she told him she was his mother so she hadn’t the heart to tell him who his father was.”Aren’t you curious to meet him? “Nah. I figure if I go and meet him for the sake of my curiosity, it might ruin his life It’s better for everyone if I don’t. She’s a social worker and wears these diaphanous paisley smocks. She is the daughter of Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, who founded the advertising group in 1926 and controls 22 per cent of the company’s voting shares.Another insider suggested the Publicis board had been seriously unnerved by the activities of the French financier Vincent Bollor?the chairman of the rival Havas who has taken a large stake in Aegis. If you get married you should be faithful.” He’s got two sons – 38 year-old Paul, who works as a record producer and whom he sees from time to time, and another who was adopted at birth “He’s a computer programmer in Bradford,” he says “His mother went up and found him. I’m after being in my band, making good music and meeting as many women as I can.” fLemmy reckons to have slept with more than 2,000 women in his time and has never settled down because “I’ve never met a girl who could stop me looking at all the others If I did I’d marry her I’m not going to get married and play around That’s bullshit.

But despite having had several offers, he isn’t interested in a television career.”I live on my own,” he says, “so it’s going to be pretty boring watching me eating my breakfast and playing video games all day, isn’t it? And anyway, I’m not after the money. They stretch, see?” He pinches a bit and pings it back on his thigh. “And they’re good for the varicose veins.”Still, should his musical stock plummet once more, Lemmy wouldn’t be short of career options. Since the rehabilitation of his fellow ex-pat Ozzy Osbourne, ageing rockers, especially the unreconstructed kind, have never been more in demand. “You wouldn’t say Beethoven was past it, would you?”No, but Beethoven wasn’t wearing skin-tight trousers and yelling himself hoarse every night.”So fucking what?” he thunders “The Beatles are the classical music of rock’n'roll. And rock’n'roll is far more widespread than classical will ever be.

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