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Oregon Scientific UV Monitor £19

Posted on 01 September 2010

Oregon Scientific UV Monitor, £19.99Love sun, hate sunburn? This tells you how long your skin type should be exposed to those fierce rays. www.powertraveller ; 01420 5429805. Nintendo DS Lite, £99.99The latest Nintendo handheld is a triumph. SoundTraveller speaker, £45A micro-speaker that’s a good holiday companion for your iPod One battery gives 12 hours of play. www.intempodigital ; 0161-828 52484. www.dualit ; 01293 652 5003. Intempo Digital PP01 DAB radio, £109.99A very slim, easily portable digital radio, with a built-in rechargeable battery giving 20 hours’ listening.

Dualit Marmite Toaster, £115The classic Dualit toaster has been released in a special Marmite logo-embossed version A design icon that toasts as reliably as ever. Big, but good (£499.99 handset only).
www.carphonewarehouse ; 0800 925 9252. 1. LG KG920 camera phone, free with contract

This is the first five-megapixel mobile, with autofocus and bags of features. However, the exams can be difficult if the questions are not explicit.Children can be cruel.

I love to think that I am not so different from other people, although I don’t think that difference is a bad thing and I should celebrate my difference.jonty jonathansale . I have an exceptional memory – tested by scientists! I didn’t have to revise and would get lazy. I decided not to continue maths at A-level but chose history, French and German and got B grades.I was twice Student of the Year. “Jardin” was a light, fuzzy yellow with the feel of freshly mown grass; the association helped me to remember the French for “garden”.At GCSEs, I scored A* in history – I loved learning lists of names and dates of monarchs, presidents and prime ministers – and A grades in English language and literature, French and German GCSEs.I was in the highest set in maths but was given a B in my GCSE because my algebra, which uses letters rather than numbers, was relatively poor. One teacher said she had to change the prescription of her glasses.At Barking Abbey secondary, I did well academically, top of the class in French and German. I would write in tiny handwriting and the teachers used to complain. I wanted to be very close to someone – literally, not emotionally – but I didn’t realise that people had their own personal space.I developed a compulsion to write stories with no dialogue but very dense descriptions of “numerical” landscapes; that is, incorporating the various shapes, colours and textures that I saw in numbers.

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