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Sadly we arrived and were told that a hurricane was about to hit the island so had to fly home

Posted on 07 September 2010

Sadly, we arrived and were told that a hurricane was about to hit the island, so had to fly home the next day. The hotel we were put up in for the night was absolutely appalling. It was meant to be a four-star hotel and I wouldn’t even have given it one.Best hotel?The Saint G?n is hard to beat. The Galapagos was one place I fell in love with, but I wouldn’t want to live there. We recently rented the most amazing beach villa in Malibu for five weeks and I could easily live there. There was hardly anyone on the beach and we saw dolphins every morning, yet it is just three quarters of an hour from Los Angeles.

It was magical.Better to travel or arrive?The worst thing is travelling home. Getting there is exciting because you have expectations ahead of you Planning a holiday can keep you going through bad times. Sadly, the trip is always over too quickly.Worst travel experience?Luckily I haven’t had any disastrous experiences other than cancelled planes or erupting volcanoes.Worst holiday?Lots of people had suggested going on the Blue Train in South Africa, which was stunning. However, when we stopped along the way we saw people living in abject poverty, which made us feel really uncomfortable because we were on this ridiculously expensive train.Worst hotel? I’m not going to name names, but recently I had to do an outside broadcast in Barbados and stayed in a dreadful hotel. My favourite resort is Le Saint G?n in Mauritius, which I can’t rave about enough.

It’s a great place to go and relax with the family.Holiday reading?I like biographies. I’m reading Piers Morgan’s The Insider, which is a brilliantly written insight into the world of media and celebrity.Where has seduced you?You can fall in love with places for different reasons. Every year I try to do a bike trip in the States with an American friend of mine, which I love because I’m a big Harley Davidson fan. There’s more to life than a nice spa or hotel – although we do enjoy spending time in them, too.Greatest travel luxury?A credit card with no limit and my iPod with its fold-out speakers.Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?All three. We both love adventure so after that we went to Ecuador and travelled around, which was amazing.

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