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The Los Angeles Police and Fire departments should develop a radio system that will allow

Posted on 03 May 2010

The Los Angeles Police and Fire departments should develop a radio system that will allow them and public safety agencies throughout Los Angeles County to more easily communicate in a disaster, a city panel recommended Monday.The endorsement came even though county agencies still must find up to $604 million to pay for their part of the project.The City Council’s Public Safety Committee recommended that the city support legislation and other action that would provide money for construction of an interagency radio system while also preparing to build an independent citywide system if other agencies do not go along.”This is a major step forward,” said Councilman Bernard Parks, a former police chief.The action came after a private consultant completed a study that concluded it is feasible to build a regional radio system for public agencies and recommended that they pool resources to pay for the project.Fire Chief William Bamattre said the LAPD and other agencies that are buying new radios are selecting equipment that would be compatible with a countywide link during emergencies.Council members noted that some emergency workers in New York City’s World Trade Center on Sept. Four challengers also are running informally as a slate, saying the current board is directionless on policy and offers poor oversight of a massive building program funded by two recent bond measures. It’s no surprise that Death himself shyly haunts their chat rooms: ” ‘There you go, idiots, don’t say I didn’t warn you!’ It’s signed ‘Nasty.’ I’ve seen that alias somewhere before.”In dialogue, Denezhkina feels like a young Shirley Jackson: ” ‘He’s impossible to love,’ said Nastya, cracking a sunflower seed between her teeth. Friedland, a former president and chairman of entertainment conglomerate MCA’s television division who helped pioneer syndicated programming, has died. Allen, head of the federal government’s relief effort, said the military had enough food and water stockpiled to sustain 500,000 people, even though many pockets of southern Louisiana were virtually deserted.The National Guard is going door-to-door in some of New Orleans’ poorest neighborhoods to warn people who never left or who trickled back into the city after Katrina that another storm could be on the way.Those residents are living in neighborhoods virtually disconnected from the outside world. If “Sandover” once was a way for Merrill to keep talking to his beloved dead, now it’s one of our ways to talk to him.

He got his start in the early ’80s painting sets at ABC, back when sets were still painted.”Now a lot of it is digital,” he said. “There’s nothing nice you can say about this that’s going to make people feel good.”Steinberg and his colleagues found that even after economics were controlled for, Asian and Asian American students performed better on tests than any other racial group. The O’Connor Room exhibits her wooden desk and one of her Royal manual typewriters. In the dark days of the early ’70s, the flamboyant group almost single-handedly kept the flame of raw, liberating rock ‘n’ roll burning. But does that matter?Trex was founded in 1996 and went public in 1999. For those who have wondered why former deputy FBI director W.

“He can name his price,” Stevens quoted Irwin as saying.Again, Steinbrenner, who paid $87,000 for the horse, said no. Powdery residue settled like snow.When the cliff finally stopped falling, Pyle still clung to the face. The Army has unearthed more than 8,000 live shells, and the job could take another 20 years. They were paid $2,000 per vehicle they bought and transferred to Duty Free. “No final determination has been made on salary and benefits.”Jon Sewell, the hospital’s chief executive, said that as he and his employees were trapped in the hospital, the most common question people asked was: Will I have a job?Three weeks later, he could offer his workers no reassurance.

3 — a moderately difficult hike.Lowe’s hikers leave the illuminated parking lot and plunge into the darkness. He knocked a four-iron to 17 feet and two-putted for birdie.Rose didn’t seem to be able to stray too far from the pin with his irons, and that added up to three more birdies in a five-hole stretch. ports and their passengers pumped $32.4 billion into the U.S. “The business and economic environment has become more difficult for us.”China is South Korea’s top trading partner, accounting for about one-third of South Korea’s exports. Las Vegas didn’t even rate a comparison.Yet Shirley and Ed were here now, in a gleaming white house that looked like many other white houses on squared-off lots that could have been laid out yesterday.

Ancestry groups include those who reported multiple races/ancestries. They are also the same size — 1,850 cubic inches.But beyond these similarities, the packs are quite different, which can be challenging for the consumer. “We can’t control these people, but we need to get off this collision course.”Throughout the day, many Israeli troops, even the youngest of them, remained stoic in the face of relentless taunts and insults.”Who gave you a uniform?” protesters shouted at one soldier. market share was 13%.By matching GM’s hit “employee discount” campaign this month, both Ford and Chrysler are expected to post big sales volume increases for July. 2008, and even before the election, to neutralize all possible opponents.”*Times staff writer Sergei L Loiko contributed to this report.. He also had nine rebounds, six assists, three steals and two blocks.”It’s always something down the stretch,” he said.

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