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The wooden tally-sticks on which the Government recorded peoples’ tax payments used

Posted on 06 July 2010

The wooden tally-sticks on which the Government recorded peoples’ tax payments used to be stored in the palace. The press was ‘guilty of journalistic invention’.But then this is the age of sanctimonious denial: Nixon is canonised. Due to economic uncertainty plans for commercial shopping facilities and re-designed check-in systems have been set aside and a project costing pounds 750,000 has been agreed.. Administration took up an hour a day but they were still under the impression that their day included an hour to themselves for meal breaks or planning.’Clearly the reality is very different from the perception,’ the authors comment wryly. But, you see, we almost missed each other – for good.We arranged for him to join me in Seville where I was doing an aerial project.

‘Goellner was well on top in the first two sets and we told Frommie to hang in there And he’s a past master at that. The contract will boost Vickers’ order book to about pounds 1bn and safeguard 1,700 jobs at factories in Leeds and Newcastle.Helped by the proceeds of its pounds 60m rights issue, the group ended the year with net cash of pounds 18m compared with borrowings of pounds 100m and gearing of 48 per cent a year earlier.Cosworth, the specialist engine and automotive castings business, enjoyed one of its best years in motor sport, with Nigel Mansell’s Ford-Cosworth-powered Lola winning the US IndyCar series. The Independent/NOP poll on crime and punishment reveals a consistently tough approach that contrasts markedly with the softening of attitudes reported from the first part of the poll yesterday. The Stock Exchange’s Official List for 10 June shows that 2.5 million Clayform shares changed hands, compared with 10,000 two days before.The price of the shares rose from 14p before the announcement to 25p immediately afterwards, providing big profits for anyone buying ahead of the news.

It now has one Glasgow-based property business, a few interests in America and pounds 28m of debt. On 8 October – 18 days after he was sent to prison – he was taken to the segregation or punishment block for disobeying an order to return to his cell. Polyanichko’s appointment – which came with the rank of deputy prime minister – was made on 28 June (after more than 20 others had refused the post) and was widely condemned among the Russian intelligentsia. WHAT MADE some members of the audience at the Liverpool Playhouse walk out of Lysistrata? Billed enthusiastically as the rudest comedy ever, Aristophanes’ play, written during the Peloponnesian War in 411BC, has the women of Athens and Sparta taking steps to end the war They deny the men sex and take charge of the money supply Defensive this may be: offensive it’s not. ON THE day the baby was due, Cherry went to the clinic to have it monitored, but there was nothing, no heartbeat at all. The compromise on timing mirrors a similarly flexible approach on the increasingly divisive question of whether countries should continue fiscal stimulus measures to boost economic recovery, or make moves to cut ballooning public deficits.

There was little dissent on the question of whether banks should face tighter regulation to avoid a repeat of the global financial meltdown of two years ago.

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