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They don’t have as much access to open air as I would like he said

Posted on 16 August 2010

They don’t have as much access to open air as I would like,” he said.
There are about 2,500 women in jails in England and Wales. Sir David said: “It’s a pretty restrictive environment in which to conduct the first period of a child’s life, quite apart from inevitable problems of looking after the mother in the immediate aftermath. Measuring just two millimetres in length, it is the first such fossil to be discovered in Britain.Along with the thousands of egg fragments, Mr Ensom and his colleagues have unearthed over half a million reptile teeth, including many belonging to vegetarian and meat-eating dinosaurs, as well as flying pterosaur reptiles, frogs and salamandas.The excavation has also yielded over 700 mammal teeth – and thousands of bones belonging to literally dozens of species of different animals. So far an analysis of the material has revealed the existence of five new mammal species – all primitive early types, now extinct.

It has also yielded the earliest turtle egg remains ever found in Britain.The fossils date from the Lower Cretaceous period when Britain was part of a joint North America/Eurasian super continent and would have been 15 degrees south of its present latitude.. Prison is not the right place for pregnant women who pose little risk to the public, Sir David Ramsbotham, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, said yesterday. Sir David was expressing concerns about the number of women in jails, including pregnant women convicted of non-violent crimes, during BBC radio interviews. “I don’t think prison is the right place anyway to have them because they’re confined conditions. At least one of the species represented probably belonged to the long- necked, long-tailed vegetarian sauropod family of dinosaurs – the largest animals the world has ever seen.
The largest eggshell fragment measures just two millimetres by two and a half, with smaller fragments weighing in at just half a millimetre across.The eggs were laid some distance away and were broken up by other animals, the resultant fragments being carried by seasonal rivers and deposited in a large freshwater lake.Mr Ensom has also discovered half of the back leg of a dinosaur embryo. The first ever dinosaur egg remains to be unearthed in Britain have been discovered in a quarry on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

Paul Ensom, a palaeontologist and keeper of geology at the Yorkshire Museum in York, has found hundreds of fragments of eggshell belonging to two species of dinosaur which inhabited Britain 140 million years ago. But we don’t know of one.”In the Commons Mr Fisher said: “National galleries and museums are in their current position because of the neglect and the hostile policies of the previous government.” But he gave no indication of how the Labour government could ensure that museums would make up the shortfall if they abolished charges.Leading article, page 15. Mr Fisher will be told by the Victoria and Albert Museum that its visitor numbers actually went up after introducing compulsory admission charges of pounds 5 last year. In addition, the museum’s research among visitors shows that less than 5 per cent shared campaigners’ worries about charging.A spokeswoman said: “If Mr Fisher can come up with an alternative to charging to meet the shortfall in our budget, all well and good. It would mean certain of our galleries closing and possibly the entire museum closing on some days of the week.”Mr Fisher is to meet the directors and trustees of all the national museums and ask them what other options they can consider if they end admission charges. He will want to know why some institutions can get by without charging while others cannot.He has already met the chairman and director of the British Museum, whose trustees recently decided not to impose charges.Of the national galleries and museums only the Tate Gallery, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and British Museum do not charge.Museums that do charge include the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum and National Maritime Museum.

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